Perfex CRM Customization And Module Development

We offer services for installing Perfex CRM on your hosting and domain according to the requirements. Modernize your Business with Websicon Perfex CRM services, helping Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises.

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Convert Perfex CRM to SaaS Application

Convert Perfex CRM to SaaS Version with amazing features. To access the Perfex module you need to have Perfex setup before installing our module. You can instantly start your CRM SAAS company without any knowledge of programming, simply install the Perfex CRM Multi-Tenant module and you are ready to use it. You may also require the stripe API keys to set up the payment gateway.

Single code base and Multi DB concept. (Each tenant will have its own subdomain).

Enables the upstream updates from Perfex CRM.

Central Super-admin panel to manage all the workspaces and users.

Allow to create and restrict modules by Plan (On-demand Feature)

Perfex CRM Customization and Module Development

We provide a full spectrum of customization and development services for Pefex CRM ranging from Custom Modules, Core Module Customizations, or Even Mobile Apps for CRM Modules, anything you want!

custom module customization

Custom Modules Customization

We can create any kind of custom module for this CRM be it HR, Biometric Attendance, or any other requirement.

Third Party Apps Integration with Perfex CRM

We can assist you in integrating the Perfex CRM with many third-party apps like WordPress, Magento, Xero, and a lot more.

Mobile App Integration with Perfex CRM

Our team of experts will help you to develop a mobile app that seamlessly works with the Perfex CRM.

core module customization

Core Modules Customization

In case, you wish you modify any Core modules, just let us know, we’ll take care of the rest.

payment gateway integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Though it comes with a lot of integrated payment gateway options, yours still couldn’t be on the list. No issue, allow us to help you!

sms gateway integration

SMS Gateway Integration

Add any SMS Gateway to the integrations list. We will handle any kind of integration with Perfex CRM.